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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


Our Story

We believe our dream didn't just start with a conversation at lunch one day. It's been a desire of our hearts for some time and we are so proud of the salon we've built together. We've always been a strong family and after the renovations and the building of this business together we now know we can truly push through anything!

Since opening in 2018 The Barn has grown quite quickly! After 2 years with what started as a space to decorate with a vision to serve the community in a unique way is now occupied by 4 other hairstylists, 2 nail technicians, 2 massage therapists and an esthetician. We saw how much people enjoyed coming to The Barn and the potential to serve even more guests and that's why we expanded after being open only two years in order to accommodate the demand we saw. We also knew we wanted to stick to our mission inside the company and that meant creating a staff with the culture that empowers entrepreneurs to create a work-life balance that supports their lifestyle while serving our community just like we had been experiencing ourselves since the beginning. Essentially, they get to be their own boss while working within a team and serving all of you beautiful clients that they love! 

Today we can proudly say that we've grown into something truly special. A team we call family and patrons of this small community that come to The Barn for a laid-back experience with a luxurious twist that is seemingly in their rural backyard. 

If you have been coming to The Barn for some time now, you know how we roll here. We're always trying to streamline things to make them the easiest for everyone. That is why online scheduling is reserved for returning guests only. If you're new here, don't worry we are just as excited to see you we just need you to learn the ropes before scheduling online so please call us the first time you'd like to schedule!


Thank you and we're so glad you're here!

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