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Michelle Smith

Hi! I'm Michelle, I have worked in Grafton for the first 18 years of my career and excited to have moved my talent to Lagrange and keep meeting new faces! I love all aspects of this industry and everyday that I'm involved in it. I place high value on building relationships with my guests and understanding how to best meet their needs. Along with staying up on the newest trends, my passion is creating the whole package for my guest that includes: color, cut, texture, and style. I am well experienced in hilighting, balayage, and grey coverage.


In my free time I enjoy visiting my lake house in southern Ohio and pretending I'm Joanna Gaines with endless projects! I have three adult kiddos that keep me and my husband busier than when they were little, a beagle named Freckles, and I enjoy cooking anything that is gluten free goodness! I invite you to have a seat in my chair at The Barn and we'll have much to talk about while finding the style that fits you best!


Watch my journey and get to know me as your stylist better by following my instagram and facebook page below. 

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