Skylar  Pettibone

Hello, I'm Skylar! One of the biggest things I've had on my bucket list after becoming your next skincare magician of course is to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, maybe with my cat because  she's my BFF. 


I graduated high school in 2018 from the Lorain County JVS with a license in cosmetology. Post graduation I decided to further my education and become a licensed Esthetician due to the fact that skincare is truly where my passion lies. I love working with my clients on finding the skincare routine that meets their individual needs.


I originally started working at The Barn at the front desk which turned into an opportunity to work with guests and build a clientele so that I could do what I love most! I love everything that has to do with being outdoors so I've become accustomed to the needs of our skin in various situations and if you've been struggling to find the perfect routine, I'm your girl. You can find me on social media by clicking the link below and I hope we can connect soon! 

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